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Piano tuition near Southampton

Are you looking for  intermediate and advanced piano tuition? Contact Jeannette Owens Piano Teacher for more information. 

Intermediate and advanced level tutoring

Many of my pupils are at the intermediate or advanced level regardless of age. Some of them are talented children and teenagers who are preparing for exams, music festivals or competitions, while others are teachers themselves who wish to develop their playing and improve their teaching standards. I also teach pianists of all levels who are preparing for diplomas, scholarships, auditions at music colleges and those wishing to pursue a career in music.

Pianists at the intermediate and advanced levels are not just looking for a teacher who can teach them the level of music they wish to play. They want a teacher who can really get to the bottom of technical problems and who can help them develop practise habits that will make their playing more efficient and analytical. This way, it is not just their level of pieces which increases, but also the actual quality of their playing and the speed at which they can achieve results. The success in teaching intermediate and advanced levels lies in the facility of the tutor to unlock a person’s ability. To find quality, detail and musical understanding in their playing and, through this, elevate their level of playing and enjoyment.
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What can you learn from me?

  • Varied repertoire
  • Piano technique
  • Repertoire development of the highest level
  • Practice skills
  • Enjoyment! 

In addition, I also train aspiring piano teachers. From helping you develop your playing ability to teaching you the nuances of musical tutoring, I can help you. 
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Training you to reach your highest potential

As a former concert pianist with years of professional touring and a Graduate of the Royal College of Music, as well as an ABRSM examiner and adjudicator, I have experience in all aspects of high level music making. I have also been a soloist and a winner of numerous awards and scholarships. Through my varied career, I have the personal experience to help pianists reach their highest potential both technically and musically. I have the knowledge to help take them along the path to becoming a professional musician if that is their goal. I am also happy to support those who just have a keen interest in playing the instrument. If you want a teacher who has the experience and knowledge to answer all your questions professionally, feel free to contact me. 
To enquire about piano tuition near Southampton, call Jeannette Owens Piano Teacher, call on 023 8028 4626
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