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Do you want to learn to play the piano with a reputable private teacher? Contact Jeannette Owens Piano Teacher. Lessons are at my home in the New Forest within easy access of the surrounding areas of Winchester, Sailsbury, Bournemouth and Portsmouth.
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Learn from the experienced piano teacher

I have extensive experience conducting piano lessons for people of all age groups. I teach talented children and teenagers as well as adults who wish to learn to play the piano or are returning to the piano after a few years. I understand that each person learns at a different pace. You can be sure that I will tailor my teaching to suit you individually.

While I have experience teaching people of all ages and levels, I specialise in intermediate and advanced tuition and development for piano teachers and those preparing to become performers or teachers. As I am also an ABRSM examiner and music festival adjudicator, I have particular insight into preparation for exams, performances and auditions to any level.

I am a former concert pianist and Steinway artist who has toured giving concerts internationally and I have produced two CDs - Piano Classics and Jeannette Owens plays Chopin. I am based in the New Forest near Southampton, but I welcome students from the surrounding areas of Bournemouth, Poole, Salisbury, Winchester, Portsmouth and beyond. Feel free to contact me for more information about the type of lessons I offer. 

Intermediate and advanced lessons

If you are interested in continuing your piano tuition at the intermediate or advanced level, lessons with me can help you. From teaching you advanced and complicated repertoire and developing your technique and practise skills to preparing you for music festivals and examinations, I can help you with any goals you may have. My considerable experience in the field of intermediate and advanced training has enabled me to identify patterns and practices that work well for different types of learners. Contact me for more information.
Intermediate and advanced lessons
Children’s piano lesson

Children’s lessons

I teach the piano to young people of all ages. Lessons are fun and comprehensive.

I recognise that each child identifies with different methods and has their own speed of learning. My number one priority is to develop a child's skills in a way that works for them in order to lay a strong and lasting foundation for learning the piano. Private piano lessons with me are personalised to your child's personality and capabilities. Contact me if you wish to discuss piano lessons for your child further.

Lessons for young people

Piano teacher development

I am particularly involved in the training of Piano Teachers. If you are a piano teacher already or are aspiring to be one, I am here to help you. From helping you develop your piano playing skills and technique to mentoring you during the early stages of your teaching career, you can rely on me for support and guidance. I can help you achieve your personal goals and help you advance your teaching skills. If you have any queries about teacher development lessons, please send me an enquiry.

Teacher development and mentoring
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Contact the pianist at Jeannette Owens Piano Teacher on 023 8028 4626 for information about piano lessons.
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